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Covid-19 Global Assistance Cover

Covid-19 Global Assistance Cover

This policy covers the medical, hospitalization expenses against Covid-19 during travel and the period of this policy is 14 days from the date of arrival at the destination country.
Policy Issue is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. The person can travel within 90 days of the policy issue.
Note - Policy once issued cannot be cancelled. No refund can be provided for the policy premium once the same has been issued.

Schedule of Benefits

Policy Amount US $5,000.00
Deduction Excess  Nil / None
Isolation Coverage The Person may need an isolation (And not hospitalization) This is covered to
the tune of US $ 2,100.00 with a maximum per day limit of US $ 150.00 (One Hundred and Fifty). If the person avails Isolation cover and then is Hospitalized, then the Isolation/Medical charges are deducted from the overall policy and the balance amount could be used for Hospitalization or Medical Expenses (As per Doctor’s Prescription/OPD Visit)
Hospitalization Coverage       The person is covered for the entire sum insured US $ 5,000.00 if isolation or medical cover (via prescription) is not availed.
There is no per day limit. The entire amount can be used for medical hospitalization.
Medicine and  doctor
fees during isolation
The person may need to visit doctor and need medicine during isolation. All medicines (as prescribed by a doctor or via an
OPD visit is covered and will be paid for.

Claim Procedures

If the insured  tests positive for Covid-19 (within 14 days of arrival) at the destination country, the insured is requested to call the Local Assisting number or the dedicated International hotline number Europe Assistance-Alarm Center +1833 992 1333 (toll free) or NLG insurance toll fee no- 1660-01-99099/+977-9851128661, email- info@nlgi.com.np  and inform regarding their condition / Claims.

 Policyholder/Passengers/ Traveler needs to share /provide following documents:

  1. Copy of Airline flight ticket or email confirmation
  2. Boarding pass
  3. Passport copy and visa copy
  4. Copy of negative test report from Nepal’s lab before the date of departure.
  5. COVID-19 positive test report within 3 (Three) days of receiving the results, stating that the Person has tested “Positive”. This report should be within 14 days of Arrival in destination country.
  6. Passenger contact details-e-mail address and contact number (local if any).
  7. The insurer or Europe Assistance-Alarm Center may obtain reports of insured from hospital. Other documents as per required.

Assistance not covered

  1. COVID-19 tests not done under the recommendation of a doctor during hospitalization.
  2. Home or any private accommodation quarantine.
  3. Cost of treatment or care not resulting from COVID-19.
  4. Pre-existing medical conditions.
  5. Passenger diagnosed as COVID-19 Positive before departure.
  6. Food and beverage costs are excluded.
  7. The cost of thermal spa treatment, heliotherapy, slimming treatments, rejuvenation cures, and all kinds of "comfort" or beauty treatments, physiotherapist's costs.
  8. The costs of implants, prostheses, artificial aids and optical costs
  9. Vaccination expenses
  10. The cost of treatment or care, the therapeutic nature of which is not recognized by legislation.
  11. Any supplements, Vitamins or any other non-medical prescription

Started from 18th Kartik, 2078

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